We are always looking for and appreciative of stories about how training with Mark has impacted you.  If you have information that could help other people and/or teams we'd love to hear from you.  

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"Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habit.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."
                                                                                         - Lao Tzu

"I started working with Mark after I went to the doctor and he told me I needed to lose weight due to my high blood pressure. Within 3 months I had lost the weight I needed in order to reduce my blood pressure and avoid medication. Additionally, he has helped improve my muscle tone, posture, and other problem areas. I have been working with him for the past 7 months and I highly recommend him."

- Philip E.

“I started working with Mark about 5 years ago. Though my schedule only allowed sporadic sessions, he had taught me many agility training exercises to improve my tennis game, as well as general fitness. And, I give him the credit for my serve! I get compliments on it all the time :)
Not only is he a great trainer, patient and strict, without making you feel bad, but he is also a really good person, and has become a friend over the years.
I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to improve their fitness level, achieve weight loss , improve their tennis game, or get back to sports after a "lazy" period :))))))”

-Anastassia S. 

“I worked with Coach Lerman this summer as a tennis instructor and can honestly tell you that he is dedicated to improving athletes. He works on each individuals strengths and weaknesses, providing skill instruction and great coaching that will improve performance quickly. Not only is Mark Lerman highly skilled in tennis, but is also an excellent trainer. He will always make you work to your full potential, and will instill confidence and encouragement while doing so. He is always looking to create a better athlete, both physically and mentally. I highly recommend Elite Training Pro!"

- Ashley C.

“Mark is an extraordinary teacher and person. He spends the lesson concentrating on what you're doing and how he can help improve your tennis game. He uses all of his knowledge and experience and brings it to each lesson.
Truthfully at this point in my "tennis life" I'm still surprised that I can make any changes and improve my game but I have.
Thank you Mark!”

- Susan V.H.

“Mark is my coach as well as my son's. He is extremely knowledgeable about the sport, very patient and makes practice fun. I was really impressed at how quickly we both learned new techniques and advanced. An all around great guy!”

- Lana S.

“Mark is a versatile trainer who can adapt his style and method to suit the particular goal of the client. Mark was instrumental in creating a training program and reliable in his follow up to help me run my first NYC marathon in under 4 hours.”

-Jason S.

“After caching alongside Mark, I definitely see that he is a man dedicated to hard work and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle! Always encouraging his athletes, Mark is a great coach for all ages and ability levels. His methods of using positive reinforcement pushes athletes to train to their highest potential. Aside from building the physical strength of an athlete, he also has a vast knowledge of mental toughness in athletics. If you're looking to take your game to the next level or just to attain great physical health, this training program will get you there. Mark is a great coach to work with and I highly recommend his services at Elite Training Pro!”

- Kaitlyn D.

Mark was my tennis instructor for a few summers and I'm so glad I found him! He's not only a great athlete himself but can actually teach really well (which doesn't always go hand in hand)! Mark was always professional, dedicated and patient with thinking of effective ways to help me improve my strokes or form. Most of all, I admired his passion for teaching tennis and the sport itself!

I highly recommend Mark to any age group and from beginners to pros alike! I've seen this guy teach cute little 4 year olds to people in their 60s. Somehow he's able to bring out the best in us no matter what level we start at. He's a really NICE guy, which to me is a key factor in selecting any type of instructor/coach!

- Christina T.

“If you're looking for a great tennis pro as well as a personal trainer, then Mark is your guy. His workouts whether on the court or in the gym are great. Try him, you just might love your workouts.....”

- Michele W. 

“Great coaching with a superior level of training. I am seeing results in a very short period of time!”

- John M.

“Mark has helped my daughter in more ways than I thought possible when hiring him to help her to get in better shape. In addition to her coordination greatly improving, her body control, strength, and interest in sports she has been able to concentrate much better in school and the self confidence I always thought she should have is now evident in her entire personality. Training with Mark is much more than just an hour of sweating and stretching. He is a very talented and knowledgeable professional and I recommend him to help your child the way he has greatly helped our family. Thank you Mark! ”

- Rita H.

"I decided my fitness level needed to be improved, traditional workouts in a gym don't interest me. I was headed to the local track when I saw someone being trainined on a tennis court, I watched for a while and was very impressed with what I saw.  I approached Mark and after a short conversation felt very comfortable in working toward my goal with him.  I've been working with him for a few years now and have greatly improved my fitness level, lost weight, learned how to play tennis and have a good time doing it.  Mark has a unique skill set and displays great patients making each session enjoyable.  He's a talented coach and great person.  I highly recommend him to help you with your fitness goals."

                                                        - Sol P.

"I began taking lessons from Mark after months of playing on the court next to his teaching court.  After seeing children, adults and seniors all having a good time and improving as a result of working with Mark I decided myself taught game could benefit from another set of eyes.  Working with Mark has been like having an entire team of professionals working to help me improve.  My game itself has been completely transformed, I was a 2.5 player, I am now a solid 4.0 and still improving.  Every session begins with a warm up, includes a fitness component, focuses on a skill and/or tactic, moves into game play to reinforce the lesson and ends with a routine of stretching.  Mark brings to life - styles, philosophies, ideas and practices I have read about in numerous books in the pursuit of mastering the game.  His knowledge, experience and ability to teach such a wide variety of topics holistically and in such an easy to comprehend manner is remarkable.  I recommend training with Mark to anyone who wants to improve themselves, but for those who are dedicated to their own goals, Mark will meet you more than half way.  He is a guy who is passionate about what he does and brings that passion to every lesson.  Thank you for everything."

                                                                                                                                                 - Tim G.

"Mark is an excellent instructor. He has a great approach to teaching tennis and emphasizes movement, conditioning, and a sound mental approach.  He always remains calm, patient, and positive.  I alway enjoy my time with him.

I'd recommend him to anyone!"

- Mark C.

"To start off I'd like to thank Mark for everything he's done for me.  He didn't only bring my physical game to the next level but my mental game as well.  Mark is the kind of guy that only wants to help you grow.  While on vacation, I always received that text from him asking if I'm keeping up with everything we've learnt.  I'm always shocked by how much he cares.  Just recently, (I've been out of the states for a while) and I needed some advice on things to work on in the gym so I texted Mark from half way accross the world and next thing I know I'm getting all these texts and emails of strict workouts that would fit my personl game.  I can't express how awesome of guy and teacher he is."

      - AJ L.